Swap your seat on the fly.



What is SeatSwap and what will it do? SeatSwap is an app providing a marketplace where airline passengers can swap seats. SeatSwap users can review current markets, connect, trade and exchange electronic payment.

Is SeatSwap affiliated with any airline?

No, SeatSwap is not affiliated with any airline.

Does a transaction through SeatSwap change a passenger’s ticket information with the airline?

No, your travel itinerary, ticket, and boarding pass are not changed.

Does SeatSwap allow users to sell airline tickets or boarding passes?

No, SeatSwap is to only be used for seat swaps between ticketed passengers. Passengers must not transfer tickets or boarding passes.

Airline Rules and Regulations

Are airline tickets or boarding passes transferable?

No, airline tickets and boarding passes are not transferable. A passenger must board the plane with the ticket or boarding pass issued to him or her by the airline.

What about the flight manifest?

Regulations require that each airline maintain a record of who boards a flight, but does not require that a passenger sit in a particular seat. Otherwise, Southwest Airlines could not offer unassigned seating.

Are there any regulations that disallow seat swaps?

No, there are no government rules that prohibit seat swaps.

Do airlines allow seat swaps between passengers sitting in the same seat class?

Yes, airlines allow seat swaps between passengers sitting in the same class, such as economy, business, or first class.

Do airlines allow seat swaps between passengers sitting in different seat classes?

Some airlines prohibit seat swaps between economy and premium seat classes (i.e., business or first class) if there are available premium seats for purchase. In addition, after take-off, some flight attendants may discourage seat swaps between economy and first class for fear of disturbing first class passengers.

Can flight attendants choose to restrict or limit seat swaps?

Yes, flight attendants can choose to restrict or limit seat swaps. Passengers should always obey the instructions of flight attendants. However, seat swaps among passengers occur frequently.

What about swapping for an exit row seat?

Due to eligibility restrictions for exit rows, passengers should not attempt to swap for an exit row seat unless given permission to do so by a flight attendant.

About Seat Swaps

Can users flying on different flights swap seats?

No, only passengers traveling on the same flight may swap seats.

Can passengers exchange tickets or boarding passes?

No, airlines prohibit passengers from presenting the ticket or boarding pass of another passenger.

Will SeatSwap set the price for seat swaps?

No, SeatSwap users will determine prices.

Can seat swaps be agreed to before my flight?

Yes, although SeatSwap users must still board the flight with the ticket or boarding pass issued by the airline.

When can SeatSwap users swap seats?

After boarding, either before or after take-off.

What if the flight has a stop at another airport before my final destination?

Seat assignments may change for the second leg of the flight, which may require you to return to the seat assigned by the airline after landing.

What about my carry-on baggage?

For swaps agreed to post-boarding, then it may or may not be possible for you to relocate your baggage from the overhead bins to a location closer to your "swapped for" seat.

Personal Information

When I post an order to buy or sell a seat swap on SeatSwap, will other users see my name?

No, your will not be shown. We have all the credentials so when there will be an issue we can contact the buyer and the seller.

Price and Fees

Does SeatSwap set the price for seat swaps?

No, SeatSwap users will determine the price for seat swaps. A SeatSwap survey provided air traveler feedback on potential price requirements to swap seats.

Is there a minimum price required by a user to pay on SeatSwap to swap seats?


Will SeatSwap be free to download?

Yes, SeatSwap is free to download.

Will SeatSwap be free to use?

Yes SeatSwap is free to use.

What is SeatSwap’s fee and how is it calculated?

SeatSwap charges only a EUR5,- fixed service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the negotiated price to swap seats.

Who pays SeatSwap’s service fee?

Both parties pay this service fee.

If I complete a seat swap using SeatSwap, then is there a service fee?

Yes, a service fee is applicable for seat swaps completed using SeatSwap. The price paid by the buyer to the seller will be reduced by a service fee.

When must a buyer enter payment account details?

Prior to finalizing a seat swap transaction, a seat swap buyer must enter payment account details. SeatSwap is accepting credit card, PayPal and iDeal payments. Additional methods of payment, such as Apple Pay, are also being considered for future releases.

When are funds from a buyer transferred to a seller?

Funds are available for disbursement to a seller 72 hours after the transaction. When available for disbursement, a seller can enter his/her account details in the SeatSwap app to receive electronic payment.

Refunds, Canceled Flights, Etc.

Will SeatSwap provide refunds to buyers for failed transactions?

Yes, SeatSwap will provide refunds to buyers if a seller refuses to swap seats, your flight is canceled, or a flight attendant will not permit the seat swap. Prior to boarding SeatSwap will send the buyer and seller a text message whether both parties are satisfied with their seats Refund requests must be received no later than 12:00 pm PST the day after your scheduled flight.

Should I complain to the airline or other SeatSwap user about a failed seat swap?

No, please contact SeatSwap about any failed transaction.

How do I contact SeatSwap for a refund or any other concern?

Contact SeatSwap support as soon as possible with your name, airline, flight number, departure date, and the problem with your transaction.

What if I miss my flight?

If you miss your flight, then no refund will be provided to a buyer of a seat swap.

What if I need to cancel a transaction on SeatSwap?

You may cancel a transaction 1 day before your departure date. Please contact SeatSwap support with your name, airline, flight number, and departure date.